Motorised Blinds & Curtains


Controlling natural light is as important to the design and style of your home as your artificial lighting. Being able to swish blinds, shades and curtains open or closed at the touch of a button is also one of life’s most satisfying home luxuries. They can be automatically controlled from a simple touch-screen panel, a remote control or your iPad, and you can programme the system to come on at pre-set times to make life even easier. Have your bedroom curtains open gently as you wake, or roll down the children’s blinds when night falls. An automated blinds and curtains system has whole-house settings and options for individual rooms. Intelligent design means easy operation of even hard-to-reach blinds and curtains. Choose from our recommended silent curtain tracks and an array of stylish fabrics, colours and designs.

  • Effortless operation
  • Silent motors
  • Pre-programmable
  • Totally bespoke