Multi Room Video


Bring your home alive with exciting, high-end video systems using the very latest in audiovisual technology and elegant, non-intrusive design. Multi room video systems give you complete control over the visual media around your home, so you can watch what you want, where you want. Enjoy a much more exciting visual experience, integrating Sky, DVDs, Blu-Ray or CCTV. Start watching a programme in one room then move to another, picking up exactly where you left off; store the personal preferences of every member of the family; hide all the boxes and cables away in one central rack. Whether your idea of heaven is a bubble bath and a movie, the big match on a giant screen in the games room, or you’re hooked on 24-hour news and want it on wherever you are, multiroom video is for you.

  • Total viewing flexibility
  • All boxes and cables concealed
  • Sophisticated modern luxury
  • Best installation in the business